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4 April 10:00 - 12:30Stockholmsmässan

How to Hack Sweden - A guide to landing a job and finding talent 

Whether you are just starting out or you've been on the hunt for some time, we all know that for job seekers, finding a job can be tough. From the employer's perspective, finding the right talent can also be a challenge during these times of skills shortage.  

Join us for an interesting and interactive discussion on How to Hack Sweden.  We will cover a multitude of perspectives, tools, tips and networking opportunities that will bring you closer to finding the right person, place or opportunity. 

This session is an official collaborative event in participation with Sweden Demo Day organised by SingularityU Nordic , The Nordic Hub, +Impact and Danske Bank. The discussion will be facilitated by James Savage - CEO of The Local Europe.

You should come if:

+ you are a startup/scaleup looking for talent
+ if you are talent (job seeker) looking for your next move
+ you are an expert/mentor that wants to give back
+ you are interested in diversity and inclusion

All you need to know

This event is in collaboration with Sweden Demo Day and will be an official side-event hosted at Stockholmsmässan. Please make sure to get your official ticket to Sweden Demo Day at this link.

Come along and enjoy meeting new people and opportunities. 

There will be limited availability to make sure to register here!

More exciting opportunities to come. We look forward to welcoming you.

Event from 10:00-12:30

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"The way to hack Sweden" from Berit Behring, CEO of Danske Bank Sweden


"Impact Leadership in an Exponential World" with Kris Østergaard, Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at SingularityU Nordic


How to Hack Sweden: An Interactive Panel Discussion moderated by James Savage from The Local Europe

You will have an opportunity to listen and participate in a lively discussion from multiple perspectives on How to Hack Sweden. 


Jake Lowther - Jake is a lawyer from Australia.  He began his legal career with an international corporate law firm in Perth, first working in employment law and then on M&A and infrastructure transactions.  His interest in international law led him to study the masters program in international dispute resolution at Humboldt-University of Berlin.  However during his studies Jake met his now partner who is based in Stockholm.  

Nu Arnold - Nu is originally from South Africa with a stint in Germany. Nu came to Sweden because she "dreamed about it" and was able to get a job through showing her grit and now is a community manager at Work Around Sweden. Workaround offers a complete digital office matchmaking service.

Martin Eriksson - Martin is from Sweden and is the International Staffing Manager at Google. Martin has first-hand experience from leading several global functions within Google. 

Benjamin Kesler - Originally from France, Benjamin is an engineer turned entrepreneur, who launched his company Local Glimpse that helps companies  transform their employee experience with videos. In short, they help companies attract, onboard and retain talents with content and video creation. 

Shaena Harrison - Originally from Canada, Shaena is a networking dynamo with a flair for business matchmaking and finding collaboration opportunities. She spends her working days as the Community Activation Manager for SingularityU Nordic/The Hub and +Impact and when the working day is over, she is also the Production Team Lead for TEDxStockholm. 

Natasha Tsarapansanis
 - Originally from Ireland, Natasha moved to Sweden thirteen years ago and after a couple of years she thought she had landed well in Sweden. However, when her company was forced to make cuts, she lost her job and found it more difficult than she thought to find a new one. Through Öppna Dörren she was able to meet Clara who offered her an internship at the company she now is fully employed at, Telia.